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Yellow Floral & Gray Star Quilted Boxy Zipper Bag

Yellow Floral & Gray Star Quilted Boxy Zipper Bag

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Handmade boxy zipper bag that would be perfect as a makeup bag, to store craft supplies, or whatever it is needed for!

This yellow floral boxy bag features designer cotton fabric, a nylon zipper with a metal pull, a quilted fabric handle, and a tab with a D-ring.

You can set it upright, carry it on your wrist, or hang it on a hook! 

Measures approximately 8.5 x 5 x 2 inches (not including the handle or tab).

The bag features a fabric handle on one end and a tab with a D-ring on the over. This helps with having something to hold to zip and unzip the bag. It also gives the option of hanging the bag from a hook.

This bag is ready to ship! 

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